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Warning: Contains Religous Content- If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT!

15 Feb

OK so my second blog is going to have a disclaimer – I understand that not everyone in the world is like “this”, nor are all Christians, or folks of any religious denomination bad. Nor do I have anything against Americans for the most part. This is NOT a judgement against Christianity of any type.  I’ve done the church thing, I’ve been religious, I know how it works, so don’t say I don’t have a clue. Lastly, If you have a problem with what I’m saying, don’t read it. I’m writing for me, and those who are open-minded enough to read what I have to say.

I often study  Religious patterns etc.  (not necessarily as a follower, but as an observer). I’m told its because I’m obsessed in conspiracy, but honestly, I just want to know whether it’s right or wrong. So I subscribe to a few religious updates, and a few atheist/agnostic updates. Some of the atheist/agnostic updates are ridiculous; people grasping at straws, and of course just hating. One actually posts news about things happening in the religious world, and this article caught my eye: .

I know some churches are against homosexuality, etc., but the argument is that Houston was indeed Christian & heterosexual. Moving on, I googled the church that is actually doing this, and came across the following websites, which are owned by this church (I know my stuff, I googled & got the Registry information, which includes the churches full address & phone number). (Find Canada Here!)

There are more, but honestly I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of additional links to their websites.

I’ve done a bit of research on Buddhism, and was surprised to learn, that they, believe that there are many religions around the world, and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. They actually say they “rejoice in other religions”. Their philosophy, is along the lines of: so long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, and it’s good for you, it’s not so bad.

It makes you think, with all the gay bullying that takes place in schools and such, who ARE the bullies? Teach hatred & you will receive hatred.

Yes, I thought I was done, I’m trying not to get to far into this because this is like the “thing” that you don’t talk about, but…

This church believes that God hates things like islamic religion, homosexuality (WOW:

“God Loves Everyone”
“God Loves and Accepts All People Unconditionally No Matter What
God’s Attributes are ONLY Love and Forgiveness for All
God Has No Anger and Is Accepting of All Behaviors
God Is Not A God of Judgment And Has No Standards
Is Irrefutably Denied In the Bible by the Following 701 Passages


This is the thing. I read some of that document, and I’ve read a fair bit of the bible. This is the part that REALLY bothers me. When it comes right down to it, everything this church is saying, is essentially true according to the bible. I know they’ve blown this way out of proportion, but from what I know (which isn’t ALOT), at the end of the day, the fundamentals are coming directly from the bible. Ummm???

12 Feb


Bliss and the Battlefield

I used to hate to cook and never thought I would be good at it. I would follow the recipe exactly and things would still turn out mediocre or worse. I just didn’t have that “sense” for cooking that really good cooks have.

Over the course of the last few years I have taken the risk (yes, it was a risk for me because every bland soup or overcooked chicken was a failure) and started to hone my cooking skills. I’ve received lessons, helpful tips, and recipes from the likes of Sally, Adelle, Mom, Cindy, Linda, Keisha, Annie, and of course, Jason. Slowly I am developing my own unique “sense”.

Living with very good cook (and baker) Jason means that my abilities must get better quicker (and they are). He has very particular taste buds and is quite honest during taste tests. If I get a “this is awesome” (which…

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The Challenge

4 Feb

I want to start blogging again but I can’t remember where  my previous blog(s) were at, so I’m starting fresh- yes it’s been that long! Writing is good therapy, and nothing makes me feel better than the Ocean, so this could be very therapeutic!


The photo I posted in the previous post was taken the day after the big job loss. The night before, Mike had that day off work, & let me plan the day.  Of course I wanted to go where the waves are big & the traffic is quiet, and not wanting to drive for hours on end, we settled for the hour drive west to Jordan River.

Once we got there, we rock-hopped the 100 meters packed with rocks the size of our heads, watched the waves crash. I could have stood there all day except the tide was chasing us back to shore & Mike said it was time to go, he had something to show me.

This was possibly his most favorite part of the island, me being scared of everything, I quizzed him about the beach – is it a long hike? is it hard to walk? Is it High? Can I wear Flip-Flops? (his answers were No, Yes, Very, and NO!!!!).

He used the word “Treacherous” to describe the beach access, and I’m missing our regular drive-up beach already (Don’t get me wrong, I love hiking & pushing my limits, but I’m still a chicken-shit about everything – especially heights!)

We approach the beach and I see what could possibly be my worst night-mare – ropes, wrapped around a huge tree. Yup, there’s no way down but to grab a rope and lower yourself down the steep, steep, steep incline.

Mike went down first and then I refused. “I’ll be waiting in the car” I replied, and turned to leave… he wouldn’t have that & promised the view would be worth it (with the look of “Stop wasting our time and get down here… you know you’re going to anyways”.

So I take 2 steps to grab the rope, and trip on a root, luckily not falling to my death, but creating a “root-burn” 1′ long down the side of my calf. Without further complications I maneuvered down the cliff-side, using the random tree roots to climb down.

Once everyone was safe on land again Mike wasted no time in attempting to show me all the cute nifty things about this amazing beach, but I was still amazed in the fear I just combated, once again! (and of course secretly wondering if the climb up could possibly be that easy as well). I’m sure this thought kept me from enjoying the beach to the fullest, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy climbing the drop was with the minor assistance of the tree’s roots & the sturdy rope.

I know this post is all about the journey & the challenge, but I feel the beach itself deserves SOME recognition.

Off to our far distant left were crashing white-caps hitting a mass of rocks, and to the right the same thing. The beach had super ultra fine sand, and the waves were coming in at a great rate. up higher on the beach was a HUGE tree laying on it’s side (I couldn’t see over it – it was probably a foot off the ground). There was a feeling of complete serenity, besides a broken child’s swing, there wasn’t a single piece of evidence that man had ever been. I hit the rocks and climbed on top of the incoming tide, from mini-cove to cove, Mike following behind taking photo’s (all photo’s are courtesy of him).

We headed back to the main beach, and enjoyed staring contests with a local otter, and after he scampered off, we decided we should go before the tide took us out with it.

Back in the car Mike asked if the view was worth it, of course I said yes, but in my head I didn’t even CARE about the beach, it was the journey that mattered :).


PS: Thanks everyone for your kind words & encouragement this week. It’s appreciated!




Fishboat Bay Beach

4 Feb

Fishboat Bay Beach

The “Impossible”