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23 Jul

I haven’t blogged in a while – hell I only usually blog when I have intense feelings of one thing or another. Tonight, not for the first time (and certainly not for the last time) my topic of choice is spurred from recent ramblings of the Westboro Baptist Church.

I read two articles – the first of which had a quote from a preacher saying he is pleased that God “spared” the lives that weren’t taken. The second of which informed that the church is heading to the memorial to protest (for what?) and that apparently this is an act of God.

Let’s back up a bit. I was devastated to hear of this mass shooting – I don’t know of the shooters mental health or any specific details – but lives were taken, young, old & that’s horrible regardless.. The first thing I noticed upon reading other articles originally, was that the shooter is a Medical Student. Had this not happened, in a few years could have been your family doctor.

This was a total AHA moment. This is the biggest, worst example of how someone we trust in society can be “the bad guy”. There are no good jobs, family name or traits to hide behind anymore. Every day we hear of priests and ministers committing the most disgusting, unimaginable crimes.  This is my point:

Being labeled by a society as being “Good” (IE: Doctor, Norse, Priest, Father) does not in any case actually mean you’re good.

Which of course led me to the thought in my mind that’s ALWAYS in the back of my head- The fact that religion (or better yet, Christianity) doesn’t make you a good person – as much as Athiesm doesn’t make me a bad person.

So now, I’m reading about this Westboro Baptist hashing #thankgodfortheshooter, and I’m thinking, literally, What the Fuck? They are taking this event, and making it an act of God! Of course this biases me further against Christians & Christianity because of course, I figure I see right through them.

But then my next thought is, I was raised to think that Atheism is Evil, and to this day, the thought of saying it out loud spooks me a bit (like an earthquake will appear and lightning will strike and blah blah blah). I now know that this isn’t the case, and that it’s quite the opposite, and while I would love to believe that ALL atheists are great role models, and care for the earth & it’s beings, I know this isn’t the case.

Which is exactly why I can’t assume that Christians world-wide have WBC’s back – they just can’t –  because regardless of how I feel about Christianity, I don’t think that dictates whether that makes them a good person, but also doesn’t make them a bad person. So maybe, I have a little open-mindedness to pass onto them, because let’s face it, I’d appreciate that same open-mindedness.