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Pictures of Children & Facebook

14 Nov

OK, we all know I only blog when I feel passionately about something, or when something is bothering me to no end. I usually decide to blog after typing out massive Facebook status updates numerous times, only to delete them because I worry about offending someone, or puking my words!

This weekend while shopping at a busy shopping centre I walked by a mom and her child. I saw the child as I walked by, and did a double take – I definitely knew that child. While deciding if I should walk over and say hi I realized that I didn’t actually know that child, I knew them on Facebook.

The mother of this child “friended” me on Facebook awhile back, after one or two conversations about a sales-transaction, we’ve never met, nor have we even spoken on the phone, but for whatever reason, we are still friends, and frequently posts things about her children – ie: birthdays, ages, names, massive amounts of detailed photo’s etc.

Without even meeting this child, I know her name is Katie, she’s 4 years old, her mom’s name is Judy and her dad’s name is Ben. (Yes I’m changing the names/info). I also know that they have a pet dog named Rudolph and that they are going on vacation to Disneyland for Christmas.

How much leverage is this?? I know all these details about this child and their family, and from the pictures, I know exactly who this child is. If I were a child predator, how much of an advantage would this give me to get the child alone while the mom’s distracted, and start talking about her, and her family? Yes we teach these kids “stranger danger”, but at some point the child might make a judgement as to whether they can trust this person who knows so many intimate details of your life!

So, I’m writing this for all the parents on my Facebook – to my friends AND the random people I have on my Facebook… Strongly take into consideration whether you are adding people that you know , and have met, and trust completely, and if you aren’t, consider leaving your children off of your Facebook, or creating a list of friends of whom you know and trust, who will see the albums and posts that you post of your children.

After I identified this child, I can’t stop thinking about if I had been the wrong person to have this information! Facebook is a scary place and we should all be very diligent in knowing who is seeing our pictures/posts! To put this in prospective, How would you feel if a random stranger knew all this information about your children?