Christmas …. a time for RESPECT

2 Dec

Everyone talks about Christmas as being a festive time of year; piping hot mulled apple cider awaits along side beautifully decorated gingerbread men… our traditions at Christmas are many, there’s no shortage of beautifully lit houses, delicious food and presents galore. At this time of year when good cheer is in high supply, and we are nothing but generous to those in need, I stop to wonder, how can we be so ignorant?

This is in response to the numerous posts already popping up on my Facebook Feed. “You Say Christmas is Offensive? Please tell me how your country is better without it and why you are here instead”, “This year I am refusing to say happy holidays – it’s CHRISTMAS”, “Bring the Christ Back into Christmas”….

Your are offended because somebody (that you’ve probably never even met or know exists) doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so you retort with an ignorant statement such as any of the above.

I know this comes down to the fact that some religions don’t celebrate Christmas, and that some people celebrate Christmas but are not religious, but I also know the bottom line is this: “You are not worshiping Christ, so that’s not ok.” Before you start pro-claiming Jesus is the reason for the Season, here’s a few facts I gathered….

Did you know that the Christmas Tree was brought into the Christmas Celebration from the Pagan Tree Worshiping ideals? ( I have an urge to insert one of the ten commandments here, but I will withhold).

Did you know that Gift Giving very well may have come from the Roman Festival Saturnalia, as well as the greenery, lights, charity’s etc., where they also had major partying/gambling at this festival as well?

Did you know that things like the Yule Logs and some of our traditional feasts came from Germanic Paganism Feasts?

Did you know that it’s not only people in other countries that aren’t celebrating it, but 1 million Jehovah Witnesses don’t celebrate in Canada & the US as well? While some may outwardly express it, many are left bullied by the rest of the worlds inability to accept that they are different, and try to quietly refrain from Christmas. Or they do celebrate Christmas, and have to deal with everyone (both Christian and not) judging them. Imagine being only a few out of your family that doesn’t celebrate Christmas – does that mean you should be outed from the festivities? While the rest of the world celebrates with their families, should you be outed that opportunity? No, you go, you attend, you try to be respectful of their traditions, while they take no consideration of your own!

I found an amazing article called “the Top 10 Reasons why I don’t Celebrate Christmas”

I’m going to quote the ten reasons, but I encourage you to read this article as it goes much more in-depth.

“1. Christmas is driven by commercialism

2.  Christmas is nowhere mentioned in the Bible

3. Jesus wasn’t born on or near December 25th

4. The Christmas Holiday is a largely recycled Pagan Holiday

5. God Condemns using Pagan Customs to Worship Him

6.Christmas is worshiping God in Vain

7. You Can’t put “Christ” back into something he was never in

8. The Bible nowhere tells us to observe a holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth —but it clearly does tell us to commemorate His death.

9. Christmas obscures God’s plan for mankind.

10. I’d rather celebrate the Holy Days Jesus Christ and the apostles observed.

As far as I can tell this article is a Christian source, which tells me, that there are even Christians who refuse to celebrate Christmas.

The point of me writing this is not to tell you to stop saying Merry Christmas, or anything like that. You have a right to celebrate how you wish… just as everyone else does… Maybe it’s not so fabulous that you are posting these self-entitled “I will scream Merry Christmas in every persons Face I meet”, while I’m sure your friends and family like and comment on your photo’s, there are more of us keeping quiet, silently thinking about how disrespectful you are being.

I need to say something else in regards to this:

I really don’t even know where to start with this one so let’s go word for word, break it down, like English Class.

Christmas Is Offensive?

I don’t know that anyone walks around screaming “Christmas is Offensive”, but I do remember when this whole “Offensive” came into play. Right around the time when companies like “Hallmark” started printing cards that didn’t say Merry Christmas, in an effort to meet the demand of people who don’t celebrate Christmas, or to hit another demographic of people who wouldn’t normally buy cards. They were trying to be sensitive and kind (or at the very least expand their earnings at Christmas), and people took that to imply that there were hundreds of thousands of picketers picketing “We Hate Christmas! No More Christmas!”. When I Google “Christmas Is Offensive”, I get no rants about angry Christmas-Abandoners, but merely hateful posts and comments about people complaining about people who think Christmas is offensive- the people who I truly believe for the MOST part are trying to quietly respect their OWN beliefs.

How your Country is Better without it?

So as I’ve said before Christmas is hugely derived from the traditions of Pagans and Romans. Not Canadians and Americans, and while we have openly welcomed these traditions into our countries, that doesn’t give anyone else the right to introduce their own traditions or celebrate or not celebrate as they wish. What? NO! I’m CANADIAN, and I remember Social Studies teaching me a thing or two about how Canada is MULTICULTURAL. We can’t say we are multicultural and then blatantly disregard the way other people celebrate or don’t celebrate. YES I will admit that I get frustrated with HOW multicultural we have become, but at the end of the day, who is anyone hurting by not celebrating Christmas? So back to this, Canada didn’t start Christmas, and the vast majority of countries do celebrate their own adaptations of the holiday, BUT my last point on this is back to the Jehovah Witnesses -over 1 million of them IN OUR COUNTRY not celebrating Christmas, which makes this point irrelevant.

If you don’t want multiculturalism, I’m afraid you’re living in the wrong country.

Why you are here instead? Are you living in Canada based solely on your religious beliefs? If you don’t eat meat, should you not be living in Alberta? If you hate snow, should you not be living in Canada? They are here because they have made a choice to make a life here have friends and family like you do.

I’m seeing a ridiculous amount of Jesus Propaganda splattered everywhere, yet the people who don’t celebrate Christ, or Christmas, are sitting back quietly, respectful. Maybe you should do the same?

I am expecting to receive a few hateful comments from this blog, I know that many people can’t accept anything different than what they do/are accustomed to. I did a bit of research on this topic this morning as I was writing, thanks… but after everything I’ve pointed out the message I want to portray is this:

We are all humans, and part of a huge universe. We tell our youth that individuality is what makes a person, and yet we outcast anyone who is different or has different beliefs. Just as some don’t want to be forced to celebrate Christmas, as you wouldn’t want to be forced to celebrate their traditions. I celebrate Christmas because it’s a time to see family, see pretty things, and give gifts.



5 Responses to “Christmas …. a time for RESPECT”

  1. KittCat December 2, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Awesome post Ashley! I really enjoyed reading it, and I am in the same boat you are. The amount of “Merry Christmas or nothing!” is getting beyond ridiculous. You know that I am not a big supporter of Christmas for very many of the reasons you just gave, but I find it a wonderful reason to be with family for more than a weekend.
    One thing you could have added to you post is the suspected reason Christmas is in late December, is it is the Winter Solstice, and when Christians converted Pagans, they would often let them keep their major traditions, but manipulated it to suit their needs. It went from celebrating solar positions to the birth of a prophet (an important one) that came many MANY years after the solstices had been celebrated.
    All in all, great post.
    Hope you don’t get too much flak

  2. Anton English December 3, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    A Jehovah Witness friend of mine asked me similar questions. Speaking specifically about how the holiday came to pass, what the symbolism was and on and on.

    At the end of the day does it really matter so much when and why you remember your savior? Yes, its too bad how we celebrate it all now. Its only commercialized if you let it be for you.

    Celebrate it or don’t, its all fine with me.

  3. Christadelphians January 2, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    May we reminding you and your readers that there are still a lot more Christians who do not celebrate Christmas, because it is a pagan feast. Christ was born on 17 October -4 CE so if we should celebrate his birthday we would be better to celebrate it in October and not on the day of the goddess of light.

    But those who love God and want to follow His commandments do have to hold only one big feast and that is on 14 Nisan, remembering the exodus, by Moses and the People of God, and the instalment of the New Covenant, by Christ.

    Therefore let us better unite and follow Jesus teachings, honouring only One God, Jehovah, and keeping to His holy days, as written down in the Torah and the Bible (Old and New Testament)

  4. Christadelphians January 2, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    On our website you shall be able to find more on Christmas and other important days people use to celebrate, but which should not be celebrated by real Christians, Jews or Muslims.

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