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Christmas Victories

27 Dec

I am writing this post with the title “Victories” even though I haven’t weighed in yet. I am doing this on purpose to remember that regardless of the scales result, this Christmas was definitely a Victory! It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t meant to be either. I was able to enjoy the holiday without the guilt I so often associated it with. 


We started the weekend with a 4 course plated Christmas Dinner. Celeriac Soup, Ravioli, Duck Confit, Bread Pudding, deep fried Turkey-Wrapped Sausage, and super-rich mashed potatos (ie: heavy cream & butter). I managed to skip 3/4 of the soup, ate only the filling of the pasta, skipped the pudding, and cut off the deep fried/fat of the turkey, and had only a bite of potato. I enjoyed the Duck and even indulged in the tablespoon of sorbet used as a “palate cleanser”. Apple Crumble & a gingersnap for desert. 

Last night was a buffet style meal, but much more healthy- was able to eat actual portions of things instead of tasting things. I indulged in a 1/4 glass of wine, and did not miss drinking anymore. 

I’m super grateful both places served Shrimp as appetizers in addition to the yummy cheeses! 

I was also spoiled with uber health conscience items – ie: a food processor, mandoline, acti-fry, measuring spoons, cups, and hubby and I bought an xbox with kinect for a bit more activity. 

We didn’t walk as much as I wanted, but did when we could. 

Note to future years: Remember the feeling of Victory knowing the healthy choices made over Christmas! 



Christmas Survival

18 Dec

For Christmas we will be traveling to two different places, which means my routine is going to be thrown off. This is my Christmas Survival Plan:


1. Bring Scale Along. I will pack along my scale and weigh in every morning. That will ensure I stay on track and eliminate any “I’ll burn it off before I get home to weigh in” thoughts.

2. Bring along my own baking. I’ve already pre-calculated the calories in my baking, so it will be easy for me to track. 

3. Foods I will be avoiding: Potatos, buns, pasta, breads. I don’t usually avoid specific foods, but since these are trigger foods for me, and I won’t be in familiar places, I will do this.

4. At the table: 1 serving, no seconds. I will focus on comparing servings to what I have at home.

5. I will log EVERYTHING. (I use

6. I will walk 2 km /day combined

7. I will not go 1 calorie over my budget. 

8. I may only eat half of my exercise calories on Dec 24, and 25 (I usually don’t eat any)

9. I will say “maybe later” when asked if I want something impractical

10. I won’t drink alcohol (except Red Wine- and I will count it).

11. Also – no eggnog (have a few sips from hubby). 

12. I will try my hardest to stay on track, understanding this is probably the toughest week of the year! 

13. If I have a moment of weakness, I will move on and fix my mistake. 

I’m striving for progress, not perfection. I don’t want to have to re-lose weight I lost before Christmas because I ate too much during Christmas!

New Years Resolutions

18 Dec

I always make resolutions, and I never follow them! So this year I’ve really thought about it, and have taken things I really want to do, and have noted 5 things that I want to work on in 2014. Some of them aren’t necessarily something you physically attain, but at the end of this year I will look back and decide how I feel I did.

Here they are:

1. First off, I want to hit my goals of losing weight (I have goals in 10 lb increments up to my goal). I would like to be close to my goal by the end of 2014.
2. This spring I would like to walk a 5k (I did one 3 years ago, have gained weight since then, and am JUST getting back into walking now after hurting my knee in May)
3. I’ve been trying to do “Fly Lady” but I would really like to give it a fair shot in 2014. I have a crazy life  so it would be nice to have some organization in my house!
4. I want to continue identifying things that cause me to go offtrack (ie: vacations, birthdays, eating out, holidays, etc.) and spend time before those events planning how I will get through them. I will also utilize this blog to do that – starting with Christmas 2013!
5. I would like to buy a house in 2014 (well WE would like to buy a house in 2014)
What are your resolutions?

Back to Blogging

18 Dec

I was going to start a new blog about my journey to health & a healthy life, when I realized I love the one I already have! I didn’t realize however, that I haven’t posted since March! 

Lots has happened in that time – Traumatic knee injury, marriage, honeymoon (Alaska Cruise!), and now Christmas. 

I’m going to use this blog from now on to post pictures about places I have explored (sometimes even with my hubby!), and let you know about my progress. I will try to post about milestones, and even challenges from time to time! I’ve come to love a few recipes that I will share as well! 

Can’t wait to start sharing!