Christmas Survival

18 Dec

For Christmas we will be traveling to two different places, which means my routine is going to be thrown off. This is my Christmas Survival Plan:


1. Bring Scale Along. I will pack along my scale and weigh in every morning. That will ensure I stay on track and eliminate any “I’ll burn it off before I get home to weigh in” thoughts.

2. Bring along my own baking. I’ve already pre-calculated the calories in my baking, so it will be easy for me to track. 

3. Foods I will be avoiding: Potatos, buns, pasta, breads. I don’t usually avoid specific foods, but since these are trigger foods for me, and I won’t be in familiar places, I will do this.

4. At the table: 1 serving, no seconds. I will focus on comparing servings to what I have at home.

5. I will log EVERYTHING. (I use

6. I will walk 2 km /day combined

7. I will not go 1 calorie over my budget. 

8. I may only eat half of my exercise calories on Dec 24, and 25 (I usually don’t eat any)

9. I will say “maybe later” when asked if I want something impractical

10. I won’t drink alcohol (except Red Wine- and I will count it).

11. Also – no eggnog (have a few sips from hubby). 

12. I will try my hardest to stay on track, understanding this is probably the toughest week of the year! 

13. If I have a moment of weakness, I will move on and fix my mistake. 

I’m striving for progress, not perfection. I don’t want to have to re-lose weight I lost before Christmas because I ate too much during Christmas!


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