New Years Resolutions

18 Dec

I always make resolutions, and I never follow them! So this year I’ve really thought about it, and have taken things I really want to do, and have noted 5 things that I want to work on in 2014. Some of them aren’t necessarily something you physically attain, but at the end of this year I will look back and decide how I feel I did.

Here they are:

1. First off, I want to hit my goals of losing weight (I have goals in 10 lb increments up to my goal). I would like to be close to my goal by the end of 2014.
2. This spring I would like to walk a 5k (I did one 3 years ago, have gained weight since then, and am JUST getting back into walking now after hurting my knee in May)
3. I’ve been trying to do “Fly Lady” but I would really like to give it a fair shot in 2014. I have a crazy life  so it would be nice to have some organization in my house!
4. I want to continue identifying things that cause me to go offtrack (ie: vacations, birthdays, eating out, holidays, etc.) and spend time before those events planning how I will get through them. I will also utilize this blog to do that – starting with Christmas 2013!
5. I would like to buy a house in 2014 (well WE would like to buy a house in 2014)
What are your resolutions?

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