Christmas Victories

27 Dec

I am writing this post with the title “Victories” even though I haven’t weighed in yet. I am doing this on purpose to remember that regardless of the scales result, this Christmas was definitely a Victory! It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t meant to be either. I was able to enjoy the holiday without the guilt I so often associated it with. 


We started the weekend with a 4 course plated Christmas Dinner. Celeriac Soup, Ravioli, Duck Confit, Bread Pudding, deep fried Turkey-Wrapped Sausage, and super-rich mashed potatos (ie: heavy cream & butter). I managed to skip 3/4 of the soup, ate only the filling of the pasta, skipped the pudding, and cut off the deep fried/fat of the turkey, and had only a bite of potato. I enjoyed the Duck and even indulged in the tablespoon of sorbet used as a “palate cleanser”. Apple Crumble & a gingersnap for desert. 

Last night was a buffet style meal, but much more healthy- was able to eat actual portions of things instead of tasting things. I indulged in a 1/4 glass of wine, and did not miss drinking anymore. 

I’m super grateful both places served Shrimp as appetizers in addition to the yummy cheeses! 

I was also spoiled with uber health conscience items – ie: a food processor, mandoline, acti-fry, measuring spoons, cups, and hubby and I bought an xbox with kinect for a bit more activity. 

We didn’t walk as much as I wanted, but did when we could. 

Note to future years: Remember the feeling of Victory knowing the healthy choices made over Christmas! 



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