10 Jan

I’m on a roll with this blog-writing, so I thought I would dig into my text tool: Groceries. While not exactly a tool persay, I’m going to dig into my methods, plans etc that have kept me on track. Again, I’m not saying what I do is perfect, and my reason for writing this is to give ME more awareness about what I’m doing that works, and what doesn’t.

Here are my rules:

1. Always have a list. Don’t go to the store without one – otherwise you’ll end up with things you didn’t need, and forget things you do need.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t purchase things that aren’t on your list, but the list is a great foundation. If I see something that isn’t on the list, I make sure there’s a reason for buying it (1. It’s Healthy, 2. It’s on Sale, 3. It’s something to give variety (in other words, I want it). Before putting something in the cart that’s not on your list check the Calories, and if you are watching, Sodium.

2. Buy the Same Things. Work on building a perpetual kitchen. So every time you go to the grocery store, you are replenishing the same items, the same brands etc, as you will get to know the nutritional value. If your brand/item isn’t in stock and you want to switch to something else, check the nutritional factors (and price!) carefully! If you buy the same things over and over, you may find like me, you don’t have an urge to binge, and you keep life simple.

3. Make Mistakes. Occasionally I will see something I want at the store, and it turns out to be ridiculous in calories or other things. Of course I never see this until I get home. When I do, I make a point of saying to myself “I won’t buy this again”, and I don’t, unless it’s purposefully know I am, for a treat. I still put it in the freezer, or cupboard, and one day when I’ve had a really good day (ie: my calories are low), I will bring it out. I’m not depriving myself, but I’m also not acting on impulse, or adding unnecessary calories.

4. Keep it Organized! Create an organizational system that works for you and work it! For me that meant re-organizing my cupboards, bringing healthy stuff forward, and putting the junky stuff where I don’t see it!

5. While we are on the topic of junk… Clean out your cupboards. Anything unhealthy that you can live without, get rid of. Anything unhealthy you just can’t part with, put with the junky stuff you can’t see! My lifestyle does not include depriving myself so I do keep things in the house that you wouldn’t otherwise on a diet.

6. Focus on Eating Clean: I base most of my shopping and meal plans around clean eating – that is, real fruits and vegtables, meats and grains. I buy some convenience food to help with our busy life, but my main priority is the Eating Clean.

7. Confession (not really): I also buy things occasionally such as Ice Cream, Yummy Cheeses, Nacho’s, Pizza’s, Meat Pies, Etc. Etc. Because I want to. The difference between then and now? Then, a tub of Ice Cream (OK it was reduced fat fro-yo) would have lasted a few days. Now, I finally dished out the last portion of it to my hubby a week ago (after it taking up valuable real estate in our fridge). Then, We could have bought 4 types of cheeses, meats, and crackers, and eaten it all in one sitting. Now, we use those cheeses to make salads, OR have a portion of them for dinner! Then, Nacho Night consisted of 3 platefuls of nachos, full of cheese, hamburger, sour cream etc…. Now, Nacho Night is completely weighed and measured – from the Nacho’s to the Cheese, to the Sour Cream (And we usually skip the beef!).


In Summary: I focus on buying the same items every week, and watch my stock of them. I focus on eating clean, but I don’t stress about the occasional treat (By treat I of course mean weighed and measured, and tracked). I’m finding that my wanting of treats (ie: eating out, deep fried food, etc.) is basically non-existent, and I don’t want those things.

Next Tool: Phone Apps… I use FOUR of them primarily, and I think I will break into each one separately!



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