Happy 2 Months to Me!

19 Jan

I was planning on telling you guys about my next “tool of success” app today, but then I realized that Thursday was my two month “Healthier Lifestyle” anniversary, and I thought I could take this time to spread some gratitude, and tell you about my journey!

I started this journey on November 16th, just by stumbling across an app that I would say has been my  biggest supporting tool (I can promise you I will make you wait until my last app post to talk about it!) I was sick of trying to stick to Weight Watchers, and always looking for a new solution. I’ve told you about my anti-dieting feelings, and as I’ve said before, I just knew I had to do it without the diet.


So here’s what I’ve accomplished in 2 months: 

Lost 28 lbs without dieting (before November 16th, total lbs lost without dieting in my entire life, is still ZERO!) 

Gone from not walking at all, to walking about 75 KM (I’ve tracked 55 km, and I’m assuming I did 20-25 km before starting to track). Walk Between 1-2.5 KM 5x/week now. 

Eaten McDonalds: Zero ( I have a secret love) 

Eaten Out: 10 times (We used to eat out/take-out at least 2-3x per week before) 

Kept up on my blog (I’ve always wanted to be a blogger)

I’ve become more aware of my consumption of food, inactivity, and intake of sodium, and am working on correcting.

My goals for the next 2 months are: 

– Get my walking up to 2.5-3.5 km 5 x per week

– Build the Blog… things I want to talk about include: the rest of my Apps for success, Some recipes & meals that I love, and the past, present & future!

– Continue Being Awesome (I had to throw that one in!) 

I said I wanted to talk gratitude… so I’m going to give you 1 item per week of healthy-love! November 16th to now is actually 9 weeks, so I will give you 9 things!

#1. I’m grateful for my tools that contribute to my success, whether it’s an app, a routine I’ve instilled in myself etc.

#2. I’m grateful for my support team – Everyone from my DH, DM, the ladies in the groups I’m in, and the few individuals who I talk to on a weekly basis who keep me going!

#3. I’m grateful that I have access to healthy foods, and more awareness about unhealthy ones.

#4. I’m grateful my knee has healed as it has and let’s me walk as much as it does.

#5. I’m grateful for technology. I know how much harder this journey would be without it! 

#6. I’m grateful for today. I love today! No real reason, other than remembering the good choice I’ve made over the next few months, and being confident I can continue to make good choices. 

#7. I’m grateful to live in a province, an island that promotes health and loves the environment. I’m happy to be able to walk down clean paths and be surrounded by health.

#8. I’m grateful for this new lifestyle. I not only have more energy, I’m more aware, and am gaining self-confidence in myself. 

#9. I’m grateful for airplanes, boats & ocean. These are the things that keep me motivated and inspire me.  I’m so lucky to live in a town full of these things. 


My 2 month present to myself will be: a nice nature walk and a delicious lunch prepared by myself (I’m thinking feta, flax & pumpkin seed on arugula with homemade balsamic vinaigrette). What are you having for lunch? 

Thank you for all the follows! I love you all <3! 





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