Hey You! Get Organized!

25 Jan

If you knew me, you’d read that title and laugh. I am hardly the organized person. In fact, people are surprised when I actually am organized! I try, but my demise would be that I take on too much, and can’t keep everything organized at the end. 

I’m finding that in order to stay motivated, you need organization. When I make an organizational change for my health, it’s helped me significantly. Something, as simple as hanging my earbuds on the key hook by the front door, reminds me to go for a walk when I see them, and I also save time not looking for them! 

Here are a few things I’ve done in the kitchen as well: 


I try to eat at least 1 of these seeds every day, at every meal (usually 1/2 tables. flax, 1 tables. pumpkin seed, 1 tables. sunflower seed. All unsalted, roasted.) We also eat a lot of chocolate chips (in 1 tbsn portions don’t worry!) so I’ve put those things on the counter, for convenience sake. I also have put the balsamic dressing & olive oil on the counter in cute jars, so they are easy to find (and thus I use these things more! Last week I also reorganized our kitchen drawers – moving things I don’t use anymore to other drawers, and having one main drawer, for my spatula’s, measuring spoons & cups (I have 3 sets of each, at least!) 

Back on topic… Today’s organization was my closet. 

It’s been a drag (and my husband even has to nag!) for me to put my laundry away… the closet was full, disorganized, and in the mornings, I usually just grabbed “whatever” because I didn’t know where anything is.

Not only did I re-organize, I also threw away anything that was stained, had holes, or zippers missing. I created a “donate pile” and a “sell pile” and got rid of a bunch of stuff!


starting mess!

This is my new organizational system: 

1. Main Rack: Work Clothes, Leisure Clothes, Casual Clothes (I work from home so these are all pretty much the same category)

2. Secondary Rack: Formal Clothes (Clothes I would wear to a wedding, or super fancy occasion).

3. Shelf: Swear Pants


I also organized my dresser. It has 3 regular draws, and 2 side cabinets.

Cabinet 1: Clothes that don’t quite fit yet

Cabinet 2: Clothes that I want to sell (ie: have tags on)

Drawer 1: Underwear

Drawer 2: Socks

Drawer 3: PJ’s & Swimming Suits. 


Organizational bliss! If you can’t tell, it goes tube tops -> sweaters, and then jeans beside the sweaters!


This system is completely opposite what I have organized my closet like in the past, and here’s why.

Starting with the socks, a whole drawer? Yes! It’s a big drawer too… I used to never wear socks, in fact I could go on a weeks holiday and pack 1 pair and probably not use them! I never walked (and if I did, in flats or flip flops!) So now, that I’m walking on a daily basis, I’ve accumulated more socks, and want to be able to find them quickly. 

The reason my sweat/yoga pants are on a shelf in the closet is because I wear them basically everyday. I know they say not to wear sweats all the time, because jeans “keep you in check”, but I won’t walk in Jeans, and most days I might be too lazy to get changed, so If I know I will have time to walk, it’s sweats. If I know I’ll be walking at night, I’ll probs wear jeans during the day. Plus, I rather like the feeling that the 1-2x per week I wear jeans, that they always feel a little looser!

I’m not doing hard-workouts so I’m find to work-out in anything on my main rack, which was the point of grouping them all together. 

By organizing my closet, I’ve made it easier to prepare for my day (and a motivation to find time to work out! 

I told DH today that this spring he will have to bring up the garbage bags (yes BAGS!) of clothes I stashed in our crawl space because they didn’t fit. I think when this happens I will be swapping out the old clothes for the ones that now fit. and keeping this organization system going! 


Now… what to do with all these spare hangers?


A basket of hangers…

My Next post is going to be about MapMyWalk!


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