Map My Walk!

26 Jan

It’s a very, very foggy day in the hood today, so I thought while I wait for it to burn off, I would do my next post. I’m really excited to talk about the main app that I use for my health journey, so I want to get these smaller ones out of the way! 

I started getting active by setting the stopwatch on my phone, and timing how long my walks were, and tracking that way. Then I wanted to know how many calories I burned, how fast I walked, and how far I walked. You can do this the hard way or the easy way. 

Hard way: Start Stopwatch. Walk. Return. Google Calories burnt while walking. Enter time, guess speed, and guess distance based on Google Maps. Result, semi-accurate, but probably really inaccurate numbers. What if you wanted to keep track of all that?

Easy Way: There’s an App for That! Two apps I know of that are good are RunKeeper & MapMyWalk. I use MapMyWalk, and there’s a whole collection of apps they have (mostly for Iphone, although my MMW is on android!).


There is a paid subscription for this, and while I’m not against paying for apps, and I do pay for some, this one I’ve left as free. The ads are really annoying and it’s easy to accidentally click on them, so I may consider updating in the future, but not yet. That being said the only time ads pop up is when you are save a workout (so not when you are starting or during). There is always a small banner ad on the bottom of the page, as you will see.

The other thing I like about MMW, that my previous post (My Diet Coach) doesn’t have, is a website you can log into from your computer. You can see more detail on the website than the app (although not a significant amount – everything you need is on the app!). 

I want to start with the cons of this app. I already mentioned the ads, but they aren’t the worst thing. I haven’t synced MapMyWalk to any of my other trackers, because they are all independent, and MMW conflicts with them. So my weight is always out, unless I remember to update it manually, and I can never remember how to. I would suggest bookmarking the page with weight stats on it so you can find it easily. You can set up goals using MMW, but it’s hard to customize, and they are unclear about what they mean. I set up a goal thinking it would take me a month to complete, and the next day it was complete… It runs slow sometimes and I feel like I’m standing just waiting for it to pause, save, etc. 

Other than that, I love it! When I first started walking I used it constantly – in the grocery store, etc. Now I only use it for actual legit walks. 


You can log into their website and create your own courses, and workouts, and it tells you the distance. Whether it’s around your house or around town etc. it will work! If trails are found on Google Maps, you will likely have access to them through MMW.


It’s really simple to use. Click the icon on your wall, click “Record”, and “Start”. The voice will say “Being Workout”, and when you end your workout, it will say “workout paused, workout complete, workout saved”. A few steps after you hit 1k, 2k, 3k, etc. The voice will tell you your distance, total time, and how many minutes/km.  You can also set it so it tells your friends on FB that you are walking, and when you are done, uploads your stats. I’ve never used this, but you can also have it update AS you walk. 



It’s really not hard to be inspired when you see your stats over the past week, month, etc. 

This is definitely a tool I use on an everyday basis! 

1 more app to talk about next time, and then onto my trackers!


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