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What Dr. Oz (And others) have TOTALLY Wrong!

20 Mar

I love Dr. Oz… or so I used to! I used to PVR his show and watch it for hours on weekends. So many useful tips and guidance. I stopped watching over the past year as I started to recognize that losing weight is not as simple as a pill, a drop or diet. As obesity becomes an epidemic in America, more and more (and the majority) of his shows are about weight loss. 

I say the word support loosely, as I don’t think he actually supports or recommends these things, but he features them on his show, focuses on the pro’s and not the side-effects etc. I’ve seen him feature:

– HCG Drops (and a 500 calorie diet)

– Sensa (powder to make you not hungry)

– Weight Watchers

– His own various crash diets / cleanses

– Raspberry Ketones

etc etc… 

One thing that he has recommended, that I think was the worst advice he’s ever given:

Never wear sweat pants. Always wear Jeans or tight pants.

His justification being that if you are wearing fitted clothes, you will be more conscience of what you eat, with restricted pants, versus wearing sweats and having them expand with you. 

I tried this, I still ate lots, and I still gained weight. When the jeans don’t fit you buy bigger ones! I also never worked out because I didn’t want to get changed, and never felt like it.

At some point, I started waking up in the morning and pulling on my yoga pants or sweats. Every morning. I feel energized, athletic and ready to go. If I have ten minutes in the morning, I go for a quick walk. I have an elliptical in our living room… if I have even a minute, I jump on it. 

If I have a meeting or other plans, I get changed before I go out into regular pants. If I go to work etc. I still obviously wear regular pants, but when I’m kicking around the house, it’s gym pants, all the time. 




Happy 40 lbs (To Me!)

20 Mar

I am beyond stoked! 40 lbs! 40 lbs! 

As I said before:

Lbs lost before without dieting (my whole life): 0lbs

Lbs lost with dieting (that I kept off): 0lbs

Lbs lost without dieting since November 2013: 40lbs! 

Happy Dance! Seriously… Happy Dance!