Road Trip Craziness (post 1)

2 May

I’m ahead of my plans to blog every day (and the week before!) the road trip! We leave in 1 week, and 1 day. So exciting! So crazy! I think I’m going to have to start making some lists. God I suck at lists! 

So this is what the plans look like so far… all but 1 night has been booked for hotels & camping. We are Camping 3 nights down (1 night in each WA, OR, & CA, 4 nights at a vacay rental in San Fran. Then 1 night camping interior OR, then 1 night hotel in portland and 1 night hotel in Port A (So we can catch an early ferry). 

The most major change to our trip has been our venue in San Fran. We’ve gone from a hotel that would require busing to tourist attractions, to a rental that is 1 mile from our attractions, which means I’m guaranteed a 2 mile bonus for walking each day :). Oh an it’s on the top of telegraph hill, which scares me a little bit, probably in a good way. 

I’ve hit 52 lbs of weight loss this week, and I’m really hoping I hit 55 before we leave. That being said I have no intention of starving myself, and I’ve missed a week of activity because of a miserable ear infection. Either way, I didn’t reward myself for my 50 lbs, so there’s some rewarding to be had. Also, husband & I are doingaeighed in, in a week – apparently the hockey playoff beer is winning). 

So I’m planning on stocking up on shoes (athletic types!), some camelbaks & maybe even some new clothes! 

I created an activity passport to fill out throughout the trip. I bought the smallest, cheapest, tiniest notebook ever, and it still has many empty pages. I think it will be my “thing” to create one on each trip, kind of like a memento. 


 Yes, you could call me a nerd, but I’m totally digging this. I would like to have a reward for completing the passport at the end, but I haven’t come up with a good reward. Being healthy is part of the reward, anyone else have any ideas?

I didn’t think to take a picture of the cover, it’s a leather type, with pink ribbon binding. 


I added some things special for our trip – ie: walking to lighthouses, walking across the golden gate bridge, etc. Anyone have any other suggestions? 


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