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Apps for Success!

14 Jan

OK so now I want to start talking about some of the Apps I use on a daily basis… Some of my apps I use for 1 thing, and 1 thing only, so I’m hoping by going into detail I will find other things I haven’t utilized! I’m going to try something new and start implementing some images in my posts, wish me luck!

First App Up: My Diet Coach (I have no affiliation with this app, nor do I benefit if others use it, just for the record!:))

My Diet Coach Logo

This App is in Google Play Store. I’ve done fine with the free version!

I started using this app almost instantly when I got serious about changing my life around.

The idea of this app is to provide motivation in a moment of weakness, in various situations. There’s lots of inspirational quotes and tips that HAVE helped me, and that I read through on a daily basis.

The ability to customize your own tips, and goals makes this app even better.

One should note, that the app itself even warns if you get too crazy that it’s reminders can get annoying (you can totally control how many reminders you get!)

For me, this app is more of a background app, I don’t interact with it that much, although I do need to do more, and I need to sit down with it and update my goals as they change!

So, let’s start digging into the aspects I use on this app regularly!


This is the view on the main screen when you open the program.

See I have a custom goal? “I will lose 30 lbs in 3 months…” You get to choose your loss goal, time line and reasoning.

I love using the reminders button (which I will show you in a minute).

You can upload pictures from your gallery as inspiration, or take pictures to put in there! Every once in a while you get a reminder to look at your motivational pictures! I do this sometimes, although I should do an updated one!

Tips is great, although again I don’t use them much. Click on that button, and a whole other menu pops up. (see below right picture! ). Once you click on a specific category, an image and inspirational quote pops up (see below left picture). You can just swipe an flip through the entire category – super easy!

Screenshot_2014-01-14-11-39-47ImageSorry about the bad organization of photo’s! – this is tricky!

Anyways, the point of this feature is that when something happens that puts you at risk with your progress, you can find the issue, and get some good advise!

You can also add them to your reminders list, which I love, and I’m going to cover next! 🙂






Screenshot_2014-01-14-12-06-44OK so, every hour or so I get reminders on my phone – they are set to make a pretty sound, so I know it is from MDC, and not a text or phone call. When I look at the top of my screen, as you can see on the above pictures, the little pink dress is a notification from MDC! When I look at my Notification bar, it looks like this that.

I don’t know if you can read it because of the black screen, but here is a quick example of the notifications I have it set up to say:

7:45 – Measure My Weight

9:20 – Going to Alberta in June!

10:00 My Goal (shows the goal text I showed you earlier)

10:15 Drink Water

12:00 Shared Quote: “To be as fit as a fiddle first tone down the middle”…Screenshot_2014-01-14-11-38-16

These are posted as notifications because I’ve set them in reminders to do that – I set them so they do this every day, and as the day goes by I have more and more quotes that are notified to me.

NO I don’t read every single one of them, but at least once a day I read the ones that have piled up in my notifications. Funny enough, I know the times when my favorite quotes are posted, and I always read those ones from start to finish! You can also schedule random ones to be posted, which is what I do as well!

Sometimes It’s just seeing that Dress on the Notification Screen that helps you, or just hearing the tweet of the sound that keeps you on track!

The picture on the right is the Reminders Page, if you had clicked on that on the home page.  You can see I’ve scheduled them to certain times, and the pencil lets you edit that. Coincidentally the top 4 quotes on that screen shot are my FAVORITES!

The features that I don’t use are the Challenges. which you can see at the bottom of the page. While I have set the challenges, I use other tools to monitor the challenges etc. I believe you can track water, etc. through here. I wouldn’t recommend tracking food or exercise on MDC as there is many other good tools to do that!

So, what do you think about My Diet Coach? Will you be downloading it? Have you downloaded it already? What are your favorite Weight-Loss/Fitness quotes?



You can’t fall off!

10 Jan

I’m having a crappy day today. There’s no reason for it, nothing bad has happened, or going to happen, I’m not sad, mad, or frusterated, just feeling a little blah. It hit me yesterday right before work. My day was going completely as planned, walked in the pouring rain, ate good clean food, and then BAM. I felt useless. I might be catching a bug, could be T.O.M, or not enough sunshine, who knows. That’s not the point of this post though.

I’ve had bad days before while dieting, and as I’m sure many of you will agree, they are pretty much detrimental to your success (well they were to me anyways.) In my experience, on a diet, fad, trend, whatever you’re going to call it, a bad day means several things:

1. You revert to your old ways of eating

2. You don’t even attempt to follow your diet (and if you do it’s gone by Lunch).

3. Your power bill increases by $20.00 that day because you’re standing in the fridge door all day grazing.

4. Your so stressed or upset that you can’t make lunch, so Fast-Food Drive-Through it is,

5. Cooking supper is out of the question, so you either eat out or order in.

6. You feel as motivated as a snail, so dishes pile up, your once clean kitchen a nightmare.

7. Working out? Out of the question!

8. Tomorrow… you dread because now you have to get back on the wagon. The routines & plans you set have failed you, they didn’t work as you planned, and now you have to start over (and face the scale!)

It’s a good thing we aren’t on the wagon to start with right?

You can’t fall off a wagon (diet) that you weren’t on.

You can’t get back on a wagon (diet) that you weren’t on.

You can’t fail a diet you aren’t on.

You can’t cheat on a diet you aren’t doing.

I don’t like the word can’t, but to me, today, this is so powerful.

I started off my morning on the wrong foot. I had it in my head that I was going to have a bad day (trailing on from yesterday). I slept in half an hour. Got up anyways, weighed in, got dressed. I looked at the bed and though “I’m allowed to have a bad day, I could just leave it…” Then I thought, tomorrow I’ll be pleased I did it. So I made the bed. Then I did some work, looked at our kitchen which was a bit of a disaster from the previous day. So I cleaned it up, vacuumed and got our entry way looking all nice. Then I played around with some kinect fitness stuff. I ate breakfast according to what I had planned the day before, and same with lunch. I decided to be creative with supper, still staying within my limits. When noon came around, which is when I go for my daily walk, I thought, I’m not in the mood… but I did it anyways, a bit slower, and and a bit more forced but I did it. I did some work from our couch which is coincidentally 5′ away from our kitchen/refrigerator. I haven’t even looked at that fridge all day except to get my meal food out of it.

This is so revolutionary for me! I can’t even believe these two bad days came from the same person!

I’ve said this before: My bad days now, are so different than my “old” bad days. I should learn to not call days like today a bad day. It could just be a regular ordinary day, nothing amazing about it, but really, nothing bad?

So, while I was on my walk today, I was thinking about this, and wondering why I haven’t fallen apart today and binged my way through the day. The answer was almost immediately clear. You can’t fall off of something you weren’t on to start with.

When I’ve dieted, I’ve allowed myself a “cheat day”, or just let things go too far (or forgotten to take the pills, drops, powder, whatever) and felt like a failure. I had failed – I failed the instructions that I was told, or read, and in addition to that, I knew the next day I would have to struggle and find my way back onto it.

But today, my journey is that of a lifestyle change. When you’re on a diet and you “fall back” to your old ways, you’re just going back to the lifestyle you are used to. So on my bad days, I live the lifestyle I’m used to, which is a healthy, positive one.  I’m learning it’s just as easy to stay on track in a healthy lifestyle, as it is to fall off onto an unhealthy one.

So tomorrow, I’ll wake up, make the bed, weigh in, and go on with my regular, every day lifestyle, and today will be in the past, without any thought in my mind 🙂

Peace Out! ❤


12 Apr

My life is perfect. I have the perfect home, I live in island paradise, have the perfect boyfriend, my family and friends are all I could ever ask for, I think I’ve been successful thus far and I love my life; present, past & future.

It entertains me that I can write that statement, honestly, and at the same time, I can make a list twice as long about why my life isn’t perfect. For instance, my home, isn’t big enough. The job & housing markets, blow. My boyfriend drives me crazy (especially during playoffs), and my family, is a little crazy. I could go on, but this is about gratitude=).

So, instead of thinking of less-than-funny things to say, I’m going to create a list of 100 things to which I hold gratitude for. I’m challenging my friends & family to do the same, because I still believe:

We are all in Charge of Our Own: Destiny, Happiness, Purpose, Lives, and Success. Our lives are only as good (or bad) as we make them, and if we aren’t happy we tend to drag others down with us, or pass the hatred we have for our selves & our lives onto others, who then have to carry the burden of their insecurities & those which we pass onto them.


1. My Life.

2. My Parents

3. The Ocean

4. My Boyfriend

5.  Grandparents

6. A sister

7. Cousins & Aunts & Uncles

8.My relationships – Past & Present

9. My Job

10. Success

11. Monopoly

12. My PVR

13. The Island

14. The Society of The Victoria Newbies Ladies Group

15. the green “specs” that showed up in my planter yesterday

16. The Paintings on my wall

17. The plants in my window

18. My Car

19. My Luck

20. Mountains

21. Tidal Pools

22. Sea Shells

23. Jewelery

24. Making Jewelery

25. The canvases in my crawl space ~ Soon to be art

26. Freedom

27. Security

28. The fireplace in my living room

29. Wine

30. Tea

31. Courtney Cox

32. Pintrest

33. Google

34. Walking Dead

35. Desperate Housewives

36. Cheese

37. Apples & Cinnamon

38. Smartphones

39. Facebook

30. Asus

31. Canpages

32. My Health

33. My Families Health

34. Foster Parents

35. My Nanny Families ❤

36. Flowers

37. Sunshine

38. Rain

39. Thunder

40. camp fires

41. Ferries

42. camping

43. flying

44. Usedvictoria.com

45. I ❤ downtown Victoria

46. Victoria

47. The West Shore

48. Port Renfrew

49. Salt Spring Island

50. Memories

51. Photo’s

52. Weddings

53. Cherry Blosoms

54. Dafodils

55. Birthdays

56. Sand

57. Beach Walks

58. Herons

59. River Otters

60. Seals

61. Ogden Point

62. Esquimalt Lagoon

63. Lighthouses

64. The Sims

65. Storage Wars

66. My Friends

67. Friends

68. Contact Lenses

69. Healthcare

70. My Shoes

71. My 3 purses

72. Choice

73. Travel

74. In-Laws

75. Childhood

76. Dreams

77. Buddha

78. Buddhism

77. Dali Lama

78. Dr. Oz

79. My Bank Account

80. My Grandmother ❤

81. Wax

82. Snuggles

83. Candles

84. Mysteries

85. Zombies

86. Evolution

87. Auctions

88. Date Nights

89. Coupons

90. swimming

91. Hikes

92. Qoola

93. Straightening Iron

94. My Hair

95. Drawing

96. Crafts

97. long-distance friendships

98. Lotto Max

99. Drumheller

100. The fact that I could probably add another hundred items to this list 🙂

These aren’t in any particular order, nor is it an inclusive list 🙂 If you notice I missed anything, leave a comment and I’ll replace it!

Post your gratitude list in the comments 🙂