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Peanut Butter Chocolate (and coconut!) Granola Bars! ( Road Trip Post #2)

6 May

Well kind of Road Trip Food! I’ve been busy getting healthy snacks ready for the road trip!

First of all I paid a visit to bulk barn, and purchased snacky items such as: unsalted almonds, unsalted pistachios, yogurt covered pretzels, bits & bites, trail mix, and dried fruit. Once home, I looked all the items up on bulk barn’s website, and got the calorie info for all the items. 

I then weighed, and portioned all the items according to calories and serving size. 


It’s not very environmentally friendly, but it’s better than eating 700 calories of trail mix and thinking you’re being healthy right? 

I should note – it is SO important to see the serving size & calories! When it’s just nuts and dried fruit, the calories add up quickly!



But they are just so yummy looking!



A sample of what I portioned and labelled.


Then it was onto the Granola Bars…



Here’s what I did: 

2 cups quick rolled oats
1 cup rice krispies
1 cup unsweetened coconut (shredded)

Toast lightly in frying pan (don’t go overboard). Put in a bowl to the side.

In the frying pan, mix

1/2 cup + 2 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon(or splenda)
1/2 cup peanut butter
and 2 tablespoon

in pan and cook until bubbling. 

Add the quick oat mixture to the pan, and mix. Pour into pan lined with parchment paper (I used 9×13, and my bars are quite thin. could use smaller?) 

Line parchment paper on top of pan and squish granola so it’s compact. I used a rolling pin to help. 

Once it was finished, I used a pizza cutter to cut into pieces.  it was soooo peanut-buttery, I melted 1/3 cup of chocolate in a heavy bottomed pan, and brushed it over the bars, and then drizzled the remainder for cosmetic appeal.

There are so many of these missing from our house it’s not even funny! So amazing! The coconut really sets this off… My husband isn’t a coconut fan, so he doesn’t know there’s coconut in it!

I was able to get 30 (small) bars from this, at 98 calories/bar. 





I couldn’t help but include a picture of this adorable bunny I found of my camera (well – my husband found the bunny in our backyard… he took a bunch of great photo’s!) 


New Years Resolutions

18 Dec

I always make resolutions, and I never follow them! So this year I’ve really thought about it, and have taken things I really want to do, and have noted 5 things that I want to work on in 2014. Some of them aren’t necessarily something you physically attain, but at the end of this year I will look back and decide how I feel I did.

Here they are:

1. First off, I want to hit my goals of losing weight (I have goals in 10 lb increments up to my goal). I would like to be close to my goal by the end of 2014.
2. This spring I would like to walk a 5k (I did one 3 years ago, have gained weight since then, and am JUST getting back into walking now after hurting my knee in May)
3. I’ve been trying to do “Fly Lady” but I would really like to give it a fair shot in 2014. I have a crazy life  so it would be nice to have some organization in my house!
4. I want to continue identifying things that cause me to go offtrack (ie: vacations, birthdays, eating out, holidays, etc.) and spend time before those events planning how I will get through them. I will also utilize this blog to do that – starting with Christmas 2013!
5. I would like to buy a house in 2014 (well WE would like to buy a house in 2014)
What are your resolutions?